November 21, 2019

You start to notice the pregnant belly and do not know what clothes to buy? From Baby and Mom want to give you the keys to succeed with maternity clothes depending on the time of the year in which your baby will be born for you always look fantastic.

Pregnant? Basic maternity clothes according to the season of the year. Many future mums sometimes decide to wait until the belly begins to be noticed so they feel sure to fit properly on their clothes (about four months into the first pregnancy, usually earlier in the second) but if you are at the beginning of your pregnancy, you can start buying to wear that beautiful little belly as you can use it after birth and nursing as well.

At a minimum, you will wear a belly for two different seasons, so the most practical thing is to buy maternity clothes that can be worn in any season.

If The Baby is Born During Monsoon Time

We know that at the beginning of the monsoon season the heat is still felt but when entering September, the weather changes and we have fresher and more pleasant nights. It is recommended to make the first purchases in spring or summer, but you will need more warm clothes for the last months. In summer, 3/4 sleeve Kurtis and sleeveless Kurtis are very practical. They are ideal to combine with jeans and leggings and are a good option for the autumn season.

If The Baby is Born During Winter Time

If your belly is evident in winter, you will have to equip yourself well for the cold or those fresh days. The most practical is to buy adjustable waist pants or long skirts, easy to combine with long sleeves Kurtis ideals to wear with jackets. You can also keep in mind the night suits that you will find in Baby and Mom. Super comfortable 100% cotton pajama/pantaloon with a waist that fits your figure so you can rest very well and at the same time, you can dress it after giving birth since the top has a zipper that will allow you to breastfeed your little one.

If The Baby is Born During Spring Time

Surely you will choose to buy maternity clothes in autumn/monsoon or winter, but in doing so you should keep in mind that the weather will be much warmer in the final stretch of pregnancy. You can fix well with jeans or pants, a knitted skirt, combine them with 3/4 sleeve Kurtis and always have short sleeve Kurtis for greater movement. In Baby and Mom, you can find Kurtis of different colors and designs always having quality as the first option. Also, you can find feeding bra to combine under your Kurtis as it also has a hidden zipper that you can open to feed your baby and then open the bra ina discrete way. What more practical than that!

If The Baby is Born During Summer

Most likely, the wardrobe needs to be renewed at the end of winter or spring, but thinking about the heat that is coming, even if it is still cool. It is better to equip yourself with light cotton clothes and cover yourself with a light jacket. At this time, we recommend the Women’s Rayon Feeding Anarkali Zipper Long Beautiful top of Baby and Mom because you can combine it with leggings or simply wear it as a dress since its length is knee-length and you can combine it with a short jacket. You will find them without sleeves and 3/4 sleeves. They are divine and your little belly will look very beautiful! Apart, do not forget that you can use it even after giving birth.

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